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Articles about home servers, hosting, and the like

3 Simple Steps to Send Email Alerts From a Linux Server

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Set up outgoing Email alerts for your Linux server quickly and easily through Gmail, plus a bonus systemd monitoring script.

Managing Proxmox VE - How to Home Lab Part 2

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Learn about Proxmox VE software updates, version upgrades, VM backup/restore, and automated rolling VM backups.

5 Steps to Install Proxmox VE on a ZFS RAID Array

A computer hard drive

With the release of Proxmox VE 6.0, you can now install the OS on a ZFS RAID array quickly and easily, right from the installer!

5 Steps to Set Up a Fast, Secure NGINX Reverse Proxy Server

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Learn how to set up a fast and secure NGINX reverse proxy server with NAXSI and PageSpeed plugins using secure TLSv1.3 and HTTP2 protocols

Proxmox VE - How to Home Lab Part 1

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How to set up an expandable home lab for development and hosting - Part 1