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5 Steps to Set Up a Fast, Secure NGINX Reverse Proxy Server

A surveillance camera

Learn how to set up a fast and secure NGINX reverse proxy server with NAXSI and PageSpeed plugins using secure TLSv1.3 and HTTP2 protocols

Simple API for a Gatsby Mailing List Sign Up Form

Several software logos over a gradient background

Learn how to set up a backend API with Apollo GraphQL and MongoDB, and use it to collect mailing list subscription data from users on a Gatsby site.

Proxmox VE - How to Home Lab Part 1

A hand pressing a laptop power button

How to set up an expandable home lab for development and hosting - Part 1

Home Lab Email Server: Getting around ISP Port Blocks

A wooden fence door with a padlock on it

A simple guide to getting outbound Email up and running in your home lab behind an ISP with outbound Email ports blocked.

Sieve: Configure Vacation Responses with Aliases and Recipient Delimiter

A row of mailboxes in front of some very green brush

How to get Sieve Automated Vacation Responses to work with regular mailboxes as well as aliased Email addresses, with or without a recipient delimiter, and without bypassing header checks.