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Hosting on the Web - How to Home Lab Part 6

A large satellite dish

In this segment you will learn how to configure your home lab to be accessible from the outside internet.

How to Create an Animated Drawing Effect with SVG and React Hooks

A freshly sharpened pencil on top of a notebook

In this tutorial we will create an SVG image with an animated draw effect in React, using hooks, that will be “drawn” onto the page when scrolled into view

Secure SSH Remote Access - How to Home Lab Part 5

A British Queen's Guard seen between to fence bars

In this segment you will learn how to set up and use a secure remote access server for your home lab network.

5 Powershell Commands to Fix Most Windows 10 Problems Easily

A damaged large truck tire with a lug nut wrench

When a Windows 10 system is acting up, these 5 steps will clear up most common problems easily without spending any time troubleshooting.

NGINX Reverse Proxy - How to Home Lab Part 4

Aerial view of a freeway with several overpasses

You will learn about setting up an NGINX reverse proxy, adding VM disk space, and managing NodeJS apps with pm2

3 Simple Steps to Send Email Alerts From a Linux Server

Several envelopes of different sizes and shapes

Set up outgoing Email alerts for your Linux server quickly and easily through Gmail, plus a bonus systemd monitoring script.