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Why a Chromebook Has Replaced My Laptop

A penguin working on a Chromebook, abstract art

ChromeOS is a workhorse packed with conveniences, and its Linux container is stable and reliable

Full-Stack Web Authentication - Part 1

A building surrounded by scaffolding

In this segment we will set up a full stack project that we will be using for the rest of this series

Building Crazy Fast Websites with Hugo and Webpack - Part 1

The logo for Hugo static site generator over an abstract background

In this segment you will learn the basics of Hugo, and why I chose it over other static site generators. Redesign 2022, and What the Future Holds

Pineapples wearing party hats and sunglasses, with some balloons

A fresh new site built with Hugo, Webpack, and a little bit of React

Expanding Your Home Network - How to Home Lab Part 9

An abstract web of cables

In this article we will migrate pfSense to be the edge device on the network.

How to Set Up Serverless Form Submissions with AWS Lambda

A man on a bicycle delivering food

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up a form handler in AWS Lambda with and without attachments.