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I.T. Consultant,

Hi, I'm Dan

I have a passion for creating things that look great and perform even better, I also love to learn and share knowledge. I have been described as methodical, dedicated, and a strong communicator.

Headshot of Dan Ford

About Me

I have been a computer enthusiast for as long as I can remember, a doer of intricate things as I like to say, I've been building websites, automating things, and operating a home lab for over 10 years.

I'm a believer in open source software, so much so that I run Linux on all of my computers for work and play.

I am also a percussionist, and bass guitarist, I've performed on stages all over Arizona, and a few in California too!

  • Full Stack Developer

    I have a few favorite libraries and frameworks, but I'm always excited to learn something new.

    • Building Blocks

      HTML, CSS, JS, TypeScript, Go, NoSQL, SQL, Bash, ZSH

    • Dev Tools

      • Git
      • Hugo
      • Webpack
      • React
      • Redux
      • Vue
      • REST
      • Apollo
  • I.T. Consultant

    There is no better feeling than realizing an elegant solution to a complex problem.

    • Methodologies

      On-Prem, Cloud, Virtualization, Orchestration

    • Technologies

      • Linux
      • Ansible
      • KVM
      • Docker
      • AWS
      • CI/CD
      • NGINX
      • MongoDB
      • PostgreSQL
  • Designer

    I appreciate clean minimalist design, but the important thing is to convey the intended message.

    • Things I Design

      UX, UI, Web Apps, Logos, Vinyl Cuts, 3D Objects, A/V

    • Design Tools

      • Figma
      • InkScape
      • G.I.M.P.
      • OpenSCAD
      • Blender
      • Ardour
      • DaVinci Resolve
      • Darktable
      • Pencil

Latest Blog Posts

  • Why a Chromebook Has Replaced My Laptop

    A penguin working on a Chromebook, abstract art

    ChromeOS is a workhorse packed with conveniences, and its Linux container is stable and reliable

  • Full-Stack Web Authentication - Part 1

    A building surrounded by scaffolding

    In this segment we will set up a full stack project that we will be using for the rest of this series

  • Building Crazy Fast Websites with Hugo and Webpack - Part 1

    The logo for Hugo static site generator over an abstract background

    In this segment you will learn the basics of Hugo, and why I chose it over other static site generators.

  • Redesign 2022, and What the Future Holds

    Pineapples wearing party hats and sunglasses, with some balloons

    A fresh new site built with Hugo, Webpack, and a little bit of React


  • Photo of Jay Park

    Dan is my go to developer for all things related to our Gatsby website. I have complete confidence that if I need something done, he has the technical capabilities to do it well, at a reasonable price, and without bloating the development hours like so many developers are prone to do. As far as I’m concerned, he’s an integral part of our team.

    • Jay Park
    • Marketing Director
    • Canyon Coolers
  • Photo of Scott Reeves
    Photo of Teri Bryant

    It has been our pleasure to work with Dan Ford on the design of our website. He understood our vision, explained everything clearly, and responded quickly to our questions and concerns. Dan is a true professional and we would recommend him to anyone in need of website design.

    • Teri Bryant
    • Scott Reeves
    • Desert Flower CBD and Wellness